Barrow Hill Junior

Barrow Hill Junior


At Barrow Hill, the children can choose to bring a packed lunch from home or enjoy a hot, cooked lunch prepared by our catering team - Stir, which is operated by its owners, Deborah and James.  The Stir team take great pride in the food they serve and the people they employ.  They believe that good food connects communities, encourages tasty discussion and creates a sense of togetherness.

Many children enjoy having a hot meal on some days and bringing in a packed lunch from home on other days - check out our current menu  here to see what's on offer!

From January 2023, universal free school meals are being offered to all primary aged children in Westminster state schools! 

If you think that your child is eligible for government funded free
school meals, then you must still apply for them. This means that your child will continue to benefit from a free lunch throughout their time in school, including secondary. It also means that your child can access free activities during the school holidays as part of the government’s Holiday Activity and Food programme (HAF), as well as supermarket vouchers. 

Applying for government funded free school meals is very quick and easy to do. To find out whether or not your child may be eligible, please use the following link to make an application:

Once your application is approved by Student Services, the school will be entitled to receive Pupil Premium - additional funding paid by the government annually, to benefit all of our children.

Hot lunches are prepared and cooked on site daily, using top quality, fresh ingredients.  The menus, tailored to the tastes and preferences of the pupils, provide nutritious and well balanced meals.  Stir fully understand that what children eat affects their health and supports their ability to learn in the classroom.

Packed lunches must be healthy.  No crisps, nuts, products containing sesame, biscuits, cake, chocolate, fizzy drinks or cartons of juice.  For a clear and detailed description of what a healthy packed lunch should contain please click the link below/docs/Healthy_Packed_Lunch_Guidance_for_Website_docx.pdf

For some tasty packed lunch ideas recommended by NHS Healthier Families, please click here.

Playtime snacks must also be a healthy choice - a banana, small orange, piece of carrot or celery, for example.  Dried fruit can also be a healthy snack, but please check sugar content as sticky, dried fruit can be harmful to our teeth.

And don't forget - Barrow Hill is a nut and sesame-free school!