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Barrow Hill Junior

Remote Learning

Remote education provision: information for Families


Dear Barrow Hill families,

Live Tutor Groups with teachers / online guidance from teachers / daily lessons and responses via Microsoft 365 Teams / print alternatives: no child gets left behind.

 No two families are the same. Working together with you as individuals is what we do here.

We do this when school is open as normal or if we have to close at any time. We work with you as a team to get the best for your individual child.

‘Remote Education’ is what happens when the school or part of the school has to close. 

Our Remote Education includes online learning, printed resources and on site provision for certain children.

We know that this can be very challenging for any family: sharing space, wifi and laptops successfully is hard. We know that changes to routine happen fast and all of us have our ups and our downs even on good days! We hope this guide helps you see what we can all expect of each other.

Remember: we are all working hard but sometimes we need each other’s help. Please contact us on 020 4506 1530 or via if you need any support.

 You are not alone. No child gets left behind.

 Darren and the Barrow Hill Team