Barrow Hill Junior

Barrow Hill Junior

School Values & Ethos

Our School Values are:

 Trust, Fairness, Respect.

 These are not just words on a wall, they are actions in mind and deed.

 Trust: Doing the right thing even if no one is watching.

Fairness: Taking turns and celebrating other people’s success as they celebrate yours.

Respect: Our difference is our strength.

 Putting these Values in to our actions is at the core of our housepoints, Celebration Assemblies and Golden Tickets reward system.

We show our Values in action when we are speaking and listening, in the classroom and out.

Our behaviour policy is based on the School Values. The School Values apply to all of us, children and adults too. Everyone matters.

The Values can be named by each child and each adult working in the school. We use first name terms because we are all equal. We show our respect this way.

Barrow Hill is anti-gender bias, anti-homophobic and anti –racist. Each person can expect to feel safe and valued here. If something goes wrong, we sort it out.

  • Our school values are our moral compass that get us back in the right direction.
  • We go back to them time and time again for celebration, appreciation and resolution.