Barrow Hill Junior

Barrow Hill Junior

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Headteacher: David Tomlinson

Deputy Headteacher: Clare Pellew

Parent Liaison Officer: Audrey Ross

School Business Manager: Pierre Gosselin

Premises Manager: Ruth DasGupta

Premises Assistant: Kalyan Gurusia


  • Each Year Group is made up of two classes. We employ a third teacher as Head of Year so we can teach Maths and English in smaller groups.
  • Heads of Year also make sure that communications run smoothly between school and home.

Year 3 Head of Year/ SENDCo: Emily Read

Year 3 Class teacher/PHSCE Lead: Greg Davies

Year 3 Class teacher/ Art Lead/ school council: Lena Jajawi


Year 4 Head of Year/PPG Lead/Wellbeing Lead: Felix Cromey

Year 4 Class teacher / Music Lead: Becky Saddington-Wiltshire

Year 4 Class teacher/ Computing Lead/ Design and Technology Lead: Rose Moghimi


Year 5 Head of Year/RE lead: Natasha Allan

Year 5 Class teacher/ Creative Curriculum Lead/ Spanish Lead: Richard Ellison

Year 5 Class teacher/ Science Lead: Antony Nicolaou


Year 6 Head of Year/ English Lead: Maeve Rogers

Year 6 Class teacher/ Maths Lead: Arti Depala

Year 6 Class teacher / EAL Lead: Sacha McCormack


  • We employ additional adults across year groups to make sure that no child gets left behind.

Learning Support Assistant /Swimming teacher: Jenny Glascott

Learning Support Assistant: Margit Vass-Costa

Learning Support Assistant: Konstantinos Kontogiannis

Learning Support Assistant: Sandra Hammond

Learning Support Assistant/ First Aid Lead: Claire Gaston

Learning Support Assistant: Nathalie Lozada

Learning Support Assistant: Mahani Jamil

PE Lead teacher/Coach: Nathan Barros

Midday Meal Supervisor/Administrative support: Razia Begum


  • We work with experts to get the best for each child:

English consultant: Antony Legon, Literacy Tree

Maths Consultant: Nigel Bufton

Music Consultant: Joe Perry

Educational Psychologist: Cate Summers


  • We ensure there is a level 3 Child protection trained adult (Head of Year) in each year group, in addition to the Designated Safeguarding Lead and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead:

DSL: David Tomlinson

Deputy DSL: Clare Pellew

Level 3 trained adults (Heads of Year): Emily Read, Felix Cromey, Natasha Allan and Maeve Rogers.